Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas

2020 will be the year the world will widely celebrate Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday. As an intro to this great year, the festival European Christmas and the outstanding pianist Reinis Zariņš are offering a a special programme dedicated to the piano sonatas of the famous Vienna classic. Interestingly, the fantastic symphonic master used the genre of the piano sonata as a creative laboratory in which innovative exploration was intertwined with deeply personal expression. A total of 32 examples of the genre appear throughout the creative career of Beethoven – the first sonatas came about still in the late 18th century while the last were shortly before his death starkly exposing the composer’s stylistic metamorphosis and the zeitgeist. This programme is focused on the composer’s latter works – piano sonatas No. 27, 28, and 29 – outstanding, technically complex and emotionally charged piano masterpieces. Reinis Zariņš, one of the most noteworthy Latvian talents, a three-time recipient of the Latvian Grand Music Award and the laureate of 11 different international competitions will offer his interpretation of the three sonatas.  The interpretations of this currently London-based musician offer a rare combination of deeply personal and yet solidly objective expression that fits well with Beethoven’s music.


Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonatas No. 27, 28, 29


Reinis Zariņš, piano