The very core of music consists not of notes and rhythms, but of the impressions it creates - Mendelssohn followed this belief of his throughout his life. Finding the beautiful timbres of a choir near and dear to his heart already since childhood, his sacred choral opuses have reached the same heights as the Baroque genius Johann Sebastian Bach’s faith-filled music.

In the festival European Christmas, the Latvian Radio Choir, organist Ilze Reine, and conductor Sigvards Kļava will give the gift of Felix Mendelssohn and Johann Sebastian Bach’s motets and psalms, in which music seems to sing all on its own and sounds equally good both in the most ornate cathedrals and the world’s most esteemed concert halls. Alongside these two geniuses of different eras - the American composer Philip Glass’s love letter to the rich sound of the cello. His Music Without Words will be performed by the passionate chamber musician Guna Šnē.


Felix Mendelssohn, Johann Sebastian Bach, Philip Glass


Latvian Radio Choir 
Conductor Sigvards KĻAVA 
Guna ŠNĒ, cello
Ilze REINE, positive organ